How do I record my minutes?

You can log your minutes online by clicking here and entering your username and password that you create when you register or you can contact your county Extension agent for more information and forms. Find your local county here.

Can I record minutes for my team if they do not have computer access or their own usernames and passwords?

If you registered as the team captain, you can log your team members minutes online by clicking here or by selecting the Team Captains menu at the top of the page. You will click on Enter/View Minutes for your team. You will be asked to login if you are not logged in already. You can also contact your county Extension agent to enter the minutes if you are unable to do so.

What you do:

Record the number of minutes you spend being physically active each day. Any moderate to vigorous physical activity – the type that increases your heart rate – counts.

Who can participate?


Is just walking allowed?

No! You can do any type of physical activity as long as you increase your heart rate or break a sweat. National physical activity guidelines recommend that adults achieve at least 150 minutes of aerobic physical activity and two strength training sessions per week.

How will this program benefit me?

Our participants have shared that they:

  • Had more energy
  • Slept better
  • Strengthened their relationships
  • Lost weight or inches
  • Improved their blood pressure
  • Improved their blood panels
  • Controlled their stress